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By - Mike

Is the corporate look passé?

A lot of us that are now working in corporate environments grew up on classic 80s movies that proved that double-breasted jackets, massive mobiles and serious shoulder pads were the ultimate office fashion looks.

While things may have toned down a little these days, and a neatly tailored suit is once again the preferred look, we have to ask ourselves are the days of the formal corporate look over? Do we really have to put on the uniform of a shirt and tie or tailored suit to fit in at the office these days? Perhaps not…

Silicon Valley doesn’t embrace the look

Taking a look at one of the biggest internet success stories, Google doesn’t exactly enforce the 3 piece suit. In fact their head office is known for its fun design and cool employee perks, which include more relaxed workplace attire. A lot of Silicon Valley businesses follow this ethos too, which means other big business’ are starting to follow suit.

Do we need suits to sit at a PC?

A lot of corporate work involves sitting in front of a PC, so do we really need to present a super formal front to do this? Unless there are meetings going on, most workplaces would probably say no. And although we’re not quite at the sweat-pant phase (unless you’re working from home!), a more comfortable yet still stylish look is now coming into play.

It’s all about smart casual

This is why the smart casual look is the natural replacement for corporate clothing style. Think well-tailored jeans, smart shoes, a pin-stripe shirt and maybe some lightweight knitwear. This works well for both men and women, is still smart, yet is comfortable enough to not feel restrictive. It’s the perfect office style solution for everyone.

So forget your 3-piece suit and get going with your smart casual wardrobe.


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