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The future of packaging for the beauty industry

Here we’re taking a closer look at the latest packaging trends for the beauty industry in 2019.  We are witnessing a shift of the entire language of beauty and packaging is helping to drive this evolution forward.  

  1. Connected packaging is here to stay

With multiple new technologies now enabling brand to connect physical packaging with the virtual world, brand must consider how to connect these two worlds if they are keen to maintain a strong brand identity in the future.  Brands now have a wealth of options when it comes to creating a vital link between the digital and physical shopping worlds. It’s possible for brands to capitalise on this new packaging trend to help influence how their brand is perceived online.    

Branding agencies like Pearlfisher recently completed work for skincare brand Nerd.  This shift in design perspective enabled Pearlfisher to integrate and incorporate elements of binary code within their packaging designs.  This helped to highlight Nerd’s position within the industry, as well as represent the current convergence of beauty and science/technology.

  1. Closing the loop in your packaging

Brands have an opportunity and a duty in 2019 to help differentiate and ride the wave of increasing consumer awareness with regards to recycling concerns.  With proclamations by big brands touting a new-found commitment to 100% recyclable packaging dominating the beauty industry, it’s only a matter of time before recycling becomes the primary concern for most brands.

If beauty brands can become part of the solution and show a commitment to using new and inventive recycled materials, this will likely result in further growth and development within the industry.

  1. Shape is set to play a bigger role

Shape continues to be a key area of development for packaging design in the beauty sector.  Many companies are now searching for ways to introduce innovative structures and shapes to their product offering whilst also providing longevity, efficiency and full product use.

  1. Get ready to reinvent the box

The rapid growth and development of e-commerce platforms has had more of an impact on packaging design globally than anything else the beauty industry has experienced in recent decades.  Nowadays, there are limitless opportunities for brands to market their product and the latest ‘unboxing’ experience is something brands must look to finesse.

Brands are now learning that branding and messaging should be split between both the box and the interior of the packaging.  The message you should look to portray within the interior of the packaging is one of excitement and delight. There are definitely huge exploits to be made when it comes to the e-commerce packaging arena.  Brands should focus on optimisation rooted in sustainability if package reinvention is an area they’re looking to focus on.

  1. Is plastic-free here to stay?

Momentum only looks set to build behind the plastic-free movement currently sweeping the globe.  This means brands need to consider how new ad alternative packaging solutions will change physical store space.  Plastic-free aisles is something brands need to start planning for now to ensure they cement their position in this new, emerging plastic-free world.   

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