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By - Mike

Your Amazon Sales are hurting Your Website Sales?

Amazon is great to get some sales fast. They’re a highly authoritative brand and get a ridiculous amount of traffic. So why wouldn’t you list your brand products there? WELL, let me tell you: They are not an easy company to work with. Expect products to be pulled because they’ve decided to change your product page then moan at you months later

By - Mike

Subscribe to Conversation Feature

Twitter is working on a feature that will allow users to follow specific comment threats. The new feature will have a subscribe button allowing you to get notifications for specific threads. Right now people comment on a tweet in order to get notifications even if they have nothing to say that adds value.   View image on Twitter Jane Manchun

By - Mike

Why Your SEO Focus Should Be Brand Building

I don’t know about you but if you’re in SEO and have been for the past few years you’ll be getting a bit fed up with the constant tinkering. Don’t you think its mental how Google can just click their fingers and roll out a new algorithm. All because the previous one wasn’t the ‘right’ one but this one will